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Depression involves changes in thinking, mood, and behavior that reflect some hurt, emptiness, or dissatisfaction with life. These changes can be problematic because they can lead to further pain and suffering, unless special care and attention is dedicated to promoting your healing and growth.

The Depression Treatment Program (DTP) is a collection of specialized services offered at Portland Psychotherapy. The program was developed to address the treatment needs of individuals with this common but serious disorder, with an emphasis on delivering the best available treatments and the highest standards of care.


  • Expert care. Our DTP therapists are specialized in the treatment of depression, meaning their expertise is matched to your treatment needs. If you are already seeing a healthcare provider outside of Portland Psychotherapy for other issues, he or she may recommend that you participate in one of our program’s groups or see one of our therapists on an individual basis to help you receive special attention and support in this area.
  • Personalized care. Your suffering will be met with compassion and understanding. Our therapists are skilled listeners and guides who are dedicated to helping you find a way forward that works best for you. If it is determined that group therapy is a good match for your needs, we will help you connect with your fellow group members to form a community of mutual appreciation and support. We will work closely with you to form goals, take actions, and monitor your progress as you make peace with your suffering and become more engaged with healthy living.
  • Modern treatments. Our depression treatments are based on the best available modern research. Portland Psychotherapy is itself a dedicated research facility, meaning our clinicians are highly informed and up to date with providing the most effective and proven care.
  • Treatment for complicated cases. In addition to offering depression-focused individual and group psychotherapy through the DTP, Portland Psychotherapy has competent therapists available who can help you address other issues that can come along with depression, such as anxiety, substance abuse, body image concerns, trauma, and other issues.
  • Care coordination. We will communicate and work with your other health care providers to help insure that your treatments are working together to produce the best possible care.


If you or a loved one is struggling with depression or mood problems, we’re here to help.

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