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Through our Depression Treatment Services at Portland Psychotherapy we are dedicated to using methods of treating depression that are based on the best science that is available. This is known as evidence-based practice and means we use what science has to say to guide our practice in choosing what is most likely to help. Currently, we have several counselors providing Portland therapy services focused on depression.

Kyong Yi, LCSW

Kyong Yi, LCSW

Kyong Yi is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Oregon. She describes her approach to psychotherapy in the following manner: “I approach therapy as a partnership. You are the expert on your life. My role is to facilitate a process to increase your strength and resilience, empower you in moving towards your goals, help heal from emotional pain, and break free from patterns that have acted as barriers to the life you want to live. I use therapeutic interventions that are grounded in scientific research, pulling from different evidence-based therapies to best serve you. I am committed to maintaining awareness of new research findings and incorporating research supported interventions into my practice. I believe (and scientific research supports) the most important component to success in therapy is your relationship to your therapist. This is where our work begins. In my office you will find acceptance and safety to promote your self-discovery and challenge you towards making positive change.” To learn more about Kyong Yi, LCSW, you can visit her profile page.

Phone: Kyong Yi, LCSW can be reached at 503-281-4852

Priyadarshani (Priya) Loess, Ph.D.

Priyadarshani Loess, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist in Oregon. She describes her approach to psychotherapy in the following manner: “Many of us feel we fall short of the lives we want, but it can feel daunting to make change happen. We feel stuck. It can be scary to face the things about ourselves that aren’t working. Therapy can help with this. My aim is to help you see yourself fully, with compassion, and take steps towards creating real change. In a space of validation and non-judgment, I will help you to learn new effective ways of approaching your life. As a part of my approach I will help you develop self-compassion. Self-compassion means treating yourself with kindness, as you would treat a friend who is suffering. Self-compassion allows us to experience and sit with difficult emotions. My goal is to help you relate more effectively to painful experiences in order to thrive.” To learn more about Priyadarshani (Priya) Loess, Ph.D., you can visit her profile page.

Phone: Priyadarshani (Priya) Loess, Ph.D. can be reached at 503-281-4852

Brian Pilecki, Ph.D.

Brian Pilecki, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist in Oregon. He describes his approach to psychotherapy in the following manner: “While some people seek therapy to address a specific problem such as anxiety or depression, others use therapy as an aid for personal growth, learning about themselves, or reaching their full potential. When I meet a new client, the most important thing is to get to know them and build a safe, trusting relationship. I strive to be compassionate and nonjudgmental and want clients to feel free to be themselves and get in touch with what matters most. This can involve feeling painful emotions and facing things that they have avoided. This is not easy to do, but it’s courageous and ultimately rewarding. I am highly encouraging and patient as clients take steps toward their goals. It really is possible to break out of old habits and rigid thought patterns that keep us stuck! While much of therapy involves talking and sharing, I also incorporate skills-building, learning about emotions, goal-setting, or out-of-session exercises.” To learn more about Brian Pilecki, Ph.D., you can visit his profile page.

Phone: Brian Pilecki, Ph.D. can be reached at 503-281-4852

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